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Iridology Leamington - The alternative healing therapy making use of color dates back thousands of years. The ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India depended on the healing energy of color. Color is the result of light of various wavelengths, thus, each and every color has its' own certain wavelength and energy.

Color Therapy Has Several Uses

There are seven spectrum colors: blue, indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow and green. Each of these colors has energy that resonates with the energy of the 7 main chakras or energy centers of the body. Imagine if you will that the chakras are a set of cogwheels which work rather like the workings of a clock; each and every cogwheel needs to move effortlessly in order for the clock to function correctly. In individuals, good health and wellbeing is achieved by a balance of all of these energies. In order to maintain good health, it is extremely vital to have balance of the energy within each of the body's chakras.

To be able to stimulate or re-balance energies, the use of color therapy could be utilized as the chakras could re-balanced by applying the correct color to the body. Red relates to the base chakra, orange refers to the sacral chakra, yellow pertains to the solar plexus chakra, green pertains to the heart chakra, blue refers to the throat chakra, indigo refers to the brow chakra, that is usually called the third eye, and violet pertains to the crown chakra.

The energy of color affects individuals on all levels, as in the emotional, spiritual and physical. We absorb color through the skin, our skull, the eyes and our aura, or likewise called magnetic energy field. Each cell in the body needs light energy, thus; color energy has widespread effects on the whole body. There are several ways of giving our bodies color like for example; Lamps and light boxes with color filters, Solarized Water, colored silks and hands on healing using color.

Color therapy could help on physical levels, while there are many deeper benefits to psychological and spiritual levels. As a lot of the issues that people deal with everyday are not physical, more and more practitioners are concentrating on holistic means of treatment. Both orthodox and complementary practitioners know that we are made up of a combination of spirit, mind and body. None of these distinctive areas function totally alone and each has a direct effect upon the other. In view of the fact that color addresses all levels of our being, Color Therapy could be extremely useful.

When we are babies, our very first experience with color inside the womb where we are enveloped is a nurturing and comforting pink. As a kid, we learn to associate colors as part of our early learning processes. These very first color associations contribute to our consciousness. Once we grow older, we attach various different meanings, memories and feelings to certain colors and then this can become a feature in our subconscious. We could build up prejudices to colors which have frightening, happy or sad connotations for us.

Life is full of experiences for everybody and these experiences make an overall impression on us, some positive and some negative. It is the negative experiences that can manifest themselves in a physical way in the end into a level of discomfort that in turn becomes dis-ease. Like for instance, perhaps over the years, for some reason we have been in a certain state where we have felt powerless to express our own truth or speak our mind. This could manifest as a concern in the throat chakra. The throat chakra pertains to the spiritual aspect of self expression. Therefore, if self expression has been blocked, the energy in this part would be stagnant and not flowing freely. In turn, this stagnant blockage could cause a physical manifestation of dis-ease.

Concentrating on strong color preferences can likewise be a useful aid to finding possible problems. Being able to work with the right colors could assist dispel negative feelings, free blockages and re-balance the body, spiritually, emotionally and in turn, physically.

Color is such a huge part of our world, it should be a part of our daily life and not just something we experience for an hour or two with a therapist. Color Therapy is a completely non-invasive and holistic therapy. We are surrounded by color. Our amazing planet does not have all the gorgeous colors of the rainbow for no reason. Everything in nature is here for a purpose, nothing is here simply by chance and color is no exception. To be able to to heighten our awareness of the energy of color and how it can transform our lives, look for an expert color therapist. We all have the capacity for health and wellbeing inside us.

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